Let’s Talk About Slippery Slopes

07 May

A slippery slope argument is one where the arguer claims that Event A will inevitably and absolutely lead to Event N, which may then even lead to Event Z.

The most popular slippery slope argument is that which states that if homosexuals were allowed to marry, then people and animals would be allowed to marry as well.

This is patently absurd for one major reason: animals aren’t humans. I know that seems obvious, but some people need this hammered into their thickly armored skulls. Dogs, for example, do have the capacity to protest for equal rights to us. Nor will any human ever argue that dogs should have equal civil rights.

Animals don’t have the same emotions as us. Sure, your pet Fido might seem like a loyal companion, but there’s no thought process behind it. Dogs will be loyal to pretty much anybody who owns them and doesn’t beat them mercilessly. But humans, however, take a lot more into consideration when it comes to loyalty and friendship.

It amazes me that anybody, in this day and age, can even suggest out loud the supposed inevitability of human-animal marriage somehow being the next controversy after the gays are allowed to marry.

The second slippery slope argument that I just love states that if homosexuality were to be accepted fully by society (which is getting pretty damned close to doing so), then pedophilia will somehow be the next thing to gain acceptance.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve actually given this point some serious thought. If homosexuality were universally accepted somehow, would pedophiles then try to gain similar equal rights?

No. And here’s why: the subject of their affection are children. Children, in the eyes of the law, cannot make adult decisions, like having sex, until they’re 16 or 17 or 18 (depending on the state). Unless we somehow create a superhuman race of adult-minded children, this will never change. You would have to have a widely-accepted scientific study that somehow showed that children were more than capable of making adult decisions.

Of course, the facts don’t support this, nor will they ever. Many studies have shown that it isn’t until the age of 20 that most people are finally mentally ready to make major decisions without being rash and selfish.

Therefore, pedophilia will never be considered acceptable. And to say that pedophilia is the next step after homosexuality is incredibly insulting. Homosexuality is not a deviant behavior, because it is not a choice.

Ask any truly homosexual person whether they chose to be gay, and they will either laugh at you or give you a piece of their mind. They don’t choose to be gay any more than straight people choose to be straight. I don’t recall waking up one morning and going, “Hey, I think I’ll be straight! It seems like the way to go.”

So please, for your own sake, avoid slippery slop arguments. They only make you look foolish and naive.


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