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The Deconversion of a Christian

11 Jun

In the comments section of a recent Pharyngula blog post, Mike in Ontario, NY suggested to the subject of the post that he check out videos made by YouTube user Evid3nc3, in order.

I decided to check them out. While at first I was annoyed by Evid3nc3‘s slow, droning voice and uneven delivery, that soon got better and gradually turned into an extremely interesting narrative telling not only the steps that were necessary in order for him to lose his faith in God and accept logic and reason, but also the story of how it happened, and the interactions he had via email with a much older (and much wiser) college professor.

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What’s So Sad About It?

10 Jun

So it finally happened.

I finally got a direct response regarding my atheism from my parents. It was my mother, who mentioned that there were still copies of Biblical stories for kids in the basement that needed to be cleaned out. It was then that she mentioned that it was “sad” that my kids (her grandchildren) wouldn’t know about God, or about “anything”.

I was still eating, so I just calmly said, “No. I don’t think so.” And seriously, what’s so sad about it?

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Yahoo! News Commenters Are Homophobes (for the most part)

04 Jun

Sometimes humanity really, really saddens me. The Yahoo! News comments section has been the smelly, dirty, unwashed armpit of the Internet for some time now, and the comments about their coverage of the recent French McDonald’s commercial is proof of that.

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