Yahoo! News Commenters Are Homophobes (for the most part)

04 Jun

Sometimes humanity really, really saddens me. The Yahoo! News comments section has been the smelly, dirty, unwashed armpit of the Internet for some time now, and the comments about their coverage of the recent French McDonald’s commercial is proof of that.

There are three types of comments for the most part on that page: those that contain homophobic jokes in utterly poor taste; those that spew nonsense gibberish about some paranoid delusion of an “agenda” that claims the gays are forcing their gayness upon us “normal” folk; and those that defend gays and say the commercial isn’t all that bad.

Guess which types of comment received a disproportionate number of negative votes? That’s right, the Stinky Armpit of the Internet has spoken: if you’re in favor of the gays and their horrible agenda, your comment isn’t worth the pixels it takes up, and shall receive a negative rating in the double-digits.

Seriously, is it only ultra-conservative nutjobs that visit Yahoo! News? And what is this nonsense about a gay agenda? Gay people live in a world where their sexual preference β€” which is not a choice, by the way, and simply speaking to any gay person will clarify that β€” is considered, by and large, deviant. Yet the Wacky Right will have you believe that they’re trying to indoctrinate children into their “perverted” lifestyle and trying to somehow convert people to their evil side.

There is no agenda, morons! Gay people, for the most part, want simply to be accepted and to not be seen as deviants and freaks and not be bashed at every corner. They are a group of people who can’t help who or what they are, and just want equal rights (not even talking about marriage here).

What the hell kind of agenda is that? Seriously, all they want is to be accepted. They’re not trying to fill your children’s minds with images of men sodomizing each other, for crying out loud. If anything, they want children to be brought up knowing that there’s nothing wrong with being gay β€” for it is entirely possible that there will be children of neoconservatives who will stay in the closet for as long as their parents think being gay is disgusting and perverted and wrong.

Of course, Bill O’Reilly will have you believe that an ad saying being gay is OK is on par with advocating terrorism.

So screw you if you think there is any agenda on the part of gay people. Screw you if you think gay people are trying to pervert your precious children’s minds, who could easily end up being gay. Screw you if you pretend to be OK with gay people, yet say their lifestyle is disgusting, deviant, and obscene in and of itself.

Anyway, back to the mindless drivel that somehow warrants positive ratings from other mindless drivelers. If you even so much as think that there’s nothing horribly wrong with the McDonald’s ad and gay people in general, you will be “neg”ed to the point where anybody who happens to stumble upon your evil, agenda-laden propaganda will instantly see how horrid your words are, and will skip right over them.

Homophobic Yahoo! News commenters: congratulations on making Yahoo! News one of the most putrid, feces-stained orifices of the Internet. Just keep your mindless hatred contained to that particular hole.


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  1. Anonymous

    January 1, 2014 at 5:27 pm

    I searched Google after I read through the comments on some popular stories about gay marriage. I was disgusted with what I saw in these people. At least there are others out there that see what I see.

  2. Dave B

    February 15, 2014 at 2:39 am

    Yahoo! ran a tongue-in-cheek fluff piece a while back about how Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaza goofed on the paparazzi by pretending to make-out, and even that wasn’t immune from homophobic rants in the comments section. Most of the people complaining obviously hadn’t even read the article, but that didn’t stop them from grousing about Yahoo shoving a “gay agenda” down their throats. I’ve learned to avoid the comments section on Yahoo news articles unless I want to make myself angry about how many bigoted, backwards people there still are in the world.

  3. Eunice

    August 26, 2014 at 8:47 pm

    I know I might be late to comment, but I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed this!

    Some of the commenters with the most thumbs up comlain about yahoo, accusing them of shoving “gay agenda” down their throats. Don’t like the article? then don’t read it!

    I remembered, reading a story in yahoo a year ago about a man proposed to his bf at the Home Depot store. Most of the commenters are negative. Some of them were disgusted.

    I watched the same story on youtube. The top commenters seemed pleased, and thought it was cute. This was from my observation.

    Here’s the source:

    Coming from YH commenters:


    “It’s amazing how Yahoo always seems to find every gay/perverted story.”

    “Oh hell no! Is no place sacred? They just gayed up Home Depot, MAN’s favorite place to be a MAN! I can NOT shop at #$%$ Depot any longer! :(”

    “I will never buy into this whole ‘gay marriage’ thing.”

    “I am so sick and tired of this propaganda being shoved at us. I believe in freedom. Including my right to criticize this phony marriage.”

    “I’m homophobic and proud, when I see two men fawning over each other it naturally makes me want to puke. I Was Born This Way.”

    “So should we start calling it the HomoDepot?”

    “Viral like the flu . I am sick now.”

    “SOooo sick of the “GAY” agenda constantly being put in everyones face,please keep your “priviate” lovelife PRIVATE !!!”

    “This is the store I will never shop at”

    “HOMO DEPOT is the perfect place for this perversion.”

    “Yes they are perverted homosexuals so they promote perverts. Yahoo believes if it is wrong it’s right.”