Your God Cannot Exist!

06 Oct

In the above video, I ask an even better question about God’s omnipotence…

Can God Create an Indestructible Object?

Some say that the original question, “Can God create a rock so heavy he cannot lift it?” is tired, old question that Christians can weasel their way out of by saying things like, “Well, God doesn’t go around lifting objects, so this would be a pointless and purposeless power,” or, “His powers are beyond our human comprehension!” and crap like that.

We know that God can create, since he supposedly created the universe, the earth, the stars, and so forth. But can he also destroy? If he can’t destroy his creations, then he’s not truly omnipotent, is he?

To be omnipotent means to not only have limitless power, but to also have innumerable abilities. If he can create, then he can destroy, can he not?

The problem with imposing an infinite set of skills, each with an infinite amount of power, is that there are powers that contradict each other. Creation and destruction are two such powers.

Returning to the question, “Can God create an indestructible object?” we have one of two answers: yes and no. Either it’s possible, or it’s not — this isn’t a false dichotomy. If the answer is yes, then God can’t be omnipotent, because this would imply that he does not have the ability to destroy his creation. However, if the answer is no, then God still can’t be omnipotent, because this states that God can’t create such an object. Either answer negates his omnipotence; therefore, an omnipotent God cannot exist.

Unless, of course, God supersedes the rules of logic. If he can, then he retains his omnipotence. But so long as can’t comprehend a third answer to the question (if there is indeed one), then we can’t apply the “omnipotent” label to a god just because it pleases us.

I know it’s comforting to think that there’s a being with unlimited power, some perfect entity that can do anything. However, omnipotence in and of itself is logically impossible.

What do you think? Can God create an indestructible object? How would God supersede the laws of logic?


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  1. Aguilo

    November 30, 2010 at 12:43 am

    The problem isn’t with whether God exists or not, but whether God is omnipotent or not. To solve this problem, you first need to define omnipotent. Well to be objective, the Merriam Webster dictionary defines it as: having VIRTUALLY unlimited authority or influence (emphasis added). Well now that defeats your inane argument on it’s basis, since omnipotent does not mean being able to make or destroy everything, since that deity would need to be able to destroy itself. So have a great day in your strawman.