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On the Men’s Rights Movement and Feminism

31 Aug

I have written a guest post for the Angie’s Anti-Theistic Thoughts blog, which you can view here. In it, I tackle many of the issues that concern the Men’s Rights Movement, and why feminism is an even better, more logical, more consistent approach to gender equality issues.

Here is a snippet from my post:

Listen, I’m not saying that men’s rights issues aren’t important. They are. All I’m saying is, think carefully about where they come from. It’s hardly the case that there’s some sort of new matriarchy in control of everything that nobody but you is aware of. It’s much more reasonable, and demonstrable, that it’s still the patriarchal nature of our society at play here.

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Minipost: The Watchmaker’s Argument

30 Aug

The Watchmaker’s Argument is perhaps one of the most fundamentally flawed arguments for intelligent design I have ever heard. In other words, you walk along a beach and see a watch, and immediately recognize it as having been designed, I guess due to its complexity and appearance of design.

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You’re Just As Fundamentalist As We Are!

23 Aug

Often, when arguing against fundamentalists of all stripes (whether religious, anti-abortion, anti-gay-marriage, etc.), this trope comes up eventually. “Yeah, well, you’re just as fundamentalist as I am! You’re just in the other extreme!” And I call B.S. Here’s why (explanation after the jump):

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