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You’re Just As Fundamentalist As We Are!

23 Aug

Often, when arguing against fundamentalists of all stripes (whether religious, anti-abortion, anti-gay-marriage, etc.), this trope comes up eventually. “Yeah, well, you’re just as fundamentalist as I am! You’re just in the other extreme!” And I call B.S. Here’s why (explanation after the jump):

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Cornette Face

10 Feb

For those of you in the impossibly minuscule cross-section of professional wrestling fans and atheists: if you didn’t yet know, professional wrestling manager, commentator and promoter, Jim Cornette, is not only a liberal (or at least vehemently against conservatism)… but he’s an atheist! (WARNING: Strong language!)

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We Don’t Need You as an Atheist Spokesperson, TJ

09 Feb

Seeing as how a ton of other blogs have already talked about this, I knew I just have to voice my opinion on this matter as well.

TJ Kincaid, a.k.a. “The Amazing Atheist”, is an example of a pretty horrible spokesperson for a group who could do without him. We have great spokespeople covering the spectrum of social discourse and behavior, from Christopher Hitchens to Richard Dawkins to Sam Harris, etc. But what we do not need is a misogynistic, self-important, ignorant pig like TJ to speak for other atheists.

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Cranston, Flowers, and Civil Rights

22 Jan

By now most of us following the whole Cranston High School West prayer banner issue have heard about how several Cranston florists refused to deliver flowers sent by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) to Jessica Ahlquist. At least one florist specifically said, “I will not deliver to this person” (see picture below). The common argument, especially from those espousing the supposed virtues of a totally free market, is that the businesses were well within their rights to refuse service to anyone they desired. What people making this argument fail to understand, however, is that we have something call the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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Introducing the Cranston Prayer Banner Generator!

19 Jan

Have you always wanted to create your own Constitution-violating prayer banner to put up on your website? Want to show an example of a banner that otherwise banner-supporting Christians would cower in fear at? Want to say, “Hey, how would you like it if it were an atheist or Satanic banner…like this one?” to people who think it’s OK to have a religious prayer banner up in a public school? Or do you just want to propose your own secular version of a school prayer?

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There’s Nothing Religious or Christian About a Tree

08 Dec

While talking to myself, as I so often do, I came up with something I just had to share with you all. You know, sometimes I can’t stand this time of the year. It’s not just the rampant commercialism and foaming-at-the-mouth need to buy the coolest and latest gadgets and gifts, and pepper-spraying one another on Black Friday… no, it’s also the fictional War on Christmas™ that the right wing loves to try to convince us is going on all around us.

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It All Comes Back to Reason and Evidence

17 Feb

I came across this clip of February 13th’s episode of The Atheist Experience and decided to share it with you.

Not only that, but I decided to transcribe it. One of the commenters on the video page wanted a transcription of Matt’s response, to be translated by himself and shared with others. Since I am in full support of this cause, I decided to take it upon myself to transcribe certain parts by hand.

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I Got 99 Problems But Evil Ain’t One

23 Jan

If you got philosophical problems, I feel bad for ya, son. I got 99 problems, but evil ain’t one!

It all began when a fellow atheist, nicknamed The Thinking Atheist (a redundancy if I ever heard one) released a revamped version of his video, The Story of Suzie, a tale of a Christian woman who prays to God, hasn’t yet realized it’s all futile, thanks God that natural disasters didn’t claim more victims than they already had, and thinks that everything that happens is according to God’s plan. Of course, The Christian Post took offense to TTA’s portrayal of Suzie and people like her.

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Don’t Tell Me to Respect Beliefs

14 Jan

I absolutely hate it when people tell me that I should be respectful of other people’s beliefs.

Let me get one thing straight: I respect people, on a case-by-case basis, after getting to know them — and there’s no guarantee that I’ll respect everybody. I refuse to respect beliefs because of the harm they have been known to cause.

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Closeted Atheists? How Can That Be?

08 Dec

This past Friday (December 3rd) David Silverman, president of American Atheists, made an appearance on Rhode Island station WPRO-FM on the Matt Allen Show for an interview (you can download the podcast from the show’s home page). To my knowledge, this was the first time an atheist was interviewed on this radio station.

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