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You’re Just As Fundamentalist As We Are!

23 Aug

Often, when arguing against fundamentalists of all stripes (whether religious, anti-abortion, anti-gay-marriage, etc.), this trope comes up eventually. “Yeah, well, you’re just as fundamentalist as I am! You’re just in the other extreme!” And I call B.S. Here’s why (explanation after the jump):

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The Decision of the Case of Jessica Ahlquist v. City of Cranston, by Judge Ronald R. Lagueux

31 Jan

Below is the entirety of the text of the decision by Judge Ronald R. Lagueux in the case of Jessica Ahlquist v. City of Cranston, in regards to the unconstitutional school prayer banner that was up at Cranston High School West. While others have selected the best parts of the text of the decision, I present it here untouched, except for formatting purposes. For the purpose of absolutely transparency, the original can be found at the U.S. District Court for the District of Rhode Island website.

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Common Arguments in Favor of the Cranston Prayer Banner (or Against Jessica Ahlquist)

30 Jan

This list was inspired in part by a sort-of FAQ I wrote (Facebook login required) for new members just joining the “Support the Removal of the Cranston High School West Prayer Banner” Facebook group of which I am a member. It had come to my attention that many new members of the page were arguing against straw-men or were just plain wrong about certain things. A lot of people who form opinions on this case or on Jessica Ahlquist herself seem to not have read the judge’s decision in this matter (PDF file) and, as a result, are largely ignorant of the facts involved. Here is my grand experiment: a list of the common arguments for the prayer banner, or against Jessica Ahlquist and her position, as well as my responses.

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Eye of Newt Gingrich

23 Jan

Talk about “Elder Scrolls”! Bazinga! Look what I found in a hidden chest while playing Skyrim:

The GOP Scrolls: Skydim

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Cranston, Flowers, and Civil Rights

22 Jan

By now most of us following the whole Cranston High School West prayer banner issue have heard about how several Cranston florists refused to deliver flowers sent by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) to Jessica Ahlquist. At least one florist specifically said, “I will not deliver to this person” (see picture below). The common argument, especially from those espousing the supposed virtues of a totally free market, is that the businesses were well within their rights to refuse service to anyone they desired. What people making this argument fail to understand, however, is that we have something call the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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Introducing the Cranston Prayer Banner Generator!

19 Jan

Have you always wanted to create your own Constitution-violating prayer banner to put up on your website? Want to show an example of a banner that otherwise banner-supporting Christians would cower in fear at? Want to say, “Hey, how would you like it if it were an atheist or Satanic banner…like this one?” to people who think it’s OK to have a religious prayer banner up in a public school? Or do you just want to propose your own secular version of a school prayer?

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There’s Nothing Religious or Christian About a Tree

08 Dec

While talking to myself, as I so often do, I came up with something I just had to share with you all. You know, sometimes I can’t stand this time of the year. It’s not just the rampant commercialism and foaming-at-the-mouth need to buy the coolest and latest gadgets and gifts, and pepper-spraying one another on Black Friday… no, it’s also the fictional War on Christmas™ that the right wing loves to try to convince us is going on all around us.

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Closeted Atheists? How Can That Be?

08 Dec

This past Friday (December 3rd) David Silverman, president of American Atheists, made an appearance on Rhode Island station WPRO-FM on the Matt Allen Show for an interview (you can download the podcast from the show’s home page). To my knowledge, this was the first time an atheist was interviewed on this radio station.

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In God They Trust

11 May

Let’s dive into the insane, idiotic waters that is FOX “News”, shall we?

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