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We Don’t Need You as an Atheist Spokesperson, TJ

09 Feb

Seeing as how a ton of other blogs have already talked about this, I knew I just have to voice my opinion on this matter as well.

TJ Kincaid, a.k.a. “The Amazing Atheist”, is an example of a pretty horrible spokesperson for a group who could do without him. We have great spokespeople covering the spectrum of social discourse and behavior, from Christopher Hitchens to Richard Dawkins to Sam Harris, etc. But what we do not need is a misogynistic, self-important, ignorant pig like TJ to speak for other atheists.

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Carnival of the Godless

04 Jul

I am most pleased to be hosting the July 4th, 2010 edition of Carnival of the Godless for this month. Without further ado, here are some great posts pertaining to the topics of atheism, humanism, religion, and science!

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Welcome to YetAnotherAtheist!

06 May

Welcome, one and all, to YetAnotherAtheist, my personal blog dedicated to discussion regarding anything and everything related to atheist: the myths, the reasoning, and the curiosities. Read the rest of this entry »